Like many photographers, I've had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl. What was once a hobby has very quickly turned into a career I adore!

I'm not a very complicated person. Most of my people would describe me as someone who loves everything and hates nothing (except thank you). In all seriousness, surround me with those that I love and I'll be happy. I'm definitely drawn towards people who love to laugh and crack jokes, but also those who have kind hearts and want to support others. 

A camera in hand since 1999

Meet Annie

We believe in creating images that remind you  the best moments in life. 

Our Philosophy


I wholeheartedly believe families need and deserve to be captured, especially the parents who are often not included in daily photographs with their children.

As a fellow mama, I know how stressful photography sessions can be. You want your kiddos to smile, avoid any sibling fights, and you especially don't want there to be any tears. Easier said than done, right?

Let me put your mind at ease. I assure you that it's ok if your toddler crawls away to examine a flower or if your middle child does not want to look at his sister. Not only can these things happen but they are apart of life. Our session together will be a happy moment no matter what because you and your family are together. That's the true magic.

What we Do


Samantha & Zack



"her work is absolute magic & timeless"

Mallory & Jordan

 "Not only did she take the most amazing family photos but she was patient, fun and creative. She captured our family beautifully!"



Simon & Liz



“Stop what you're doing right now and book Annie! The images she captured are gorgeous!”

A few     my Favorite Things


My Whole World

My husband, our baby, and dog Obi make up my little family

Paddleboarding, kayaking, and sitting in the sunshine

Fully Caffeinetted

It's no secret I love all things coffee, especially an iced almond milk latte

Fresh Cut Flowers

A green thumb doesn't exist for me but I can't resist a beautiful bloom


A truly challenging and rewarding adventure each and every day

Lake Living

Fast forward to this year and I'm still growing and learning each and every day!

2023 / 

My husband, then boyfriend, encouraged me to make my passion into a side hustle. I began taking on engagement photos, weddings, and family photography.

2018 / 

After many years I finally decide to take a legitimate film photography college course. I learned about the delicacies of light and how to expose correctly using a 35mm film camera. 

2013 / 

With camera in hand, I ask my friends to volunteer to be my models for my portfolio. I didn't exactly know what I was doing but I knew I had to practice my craft.

2010 / 

My mom buys me my first point and shoot Kodak camera and I fall in love with taking pictures of every little thing in sight.

1999 / 


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